TSW4 CabCam Improvements All-in-One v1.28

A pack that contains all my camera mods in a single mod, for TSW 4 ONLY at the moment.
Aim is to have a realistic driver's viewpoint.


Update v1.28 (2023-11-27)

Compatibility update to reflect todays DTG patch (affected Niddertalbahn, Dresden-Chemnitz and Preston-Blackpool)
According RVV files updated

Update v1.27 (2023-11-21)

Compatibility update to reflect today's DTG patch (affected Edinburgh-Glasgow)

  • tweaked BR 103 camera

Update v1.26 (2023-11-21)


  • Class 313 (ECW): raised camera
  • BR 628 (NID): small adjustments, camera was a bit off centered
  • Class 101 (TVL, GWE, NTP): raised camera

Update v1.25 (2023-11-16)


  • Amfleet Cab Car: by user request, lowered the camera for better visibility
  • adapted raised camera to the new Blackpool Class 47
  • MP36: moved a little closer to the controls, also giving better view through the window especially in rainy conditions

Update v1.24 (2023-11-13)

Compatibility update based on DTG's official Vorarlberg patch

Update v1.23 (2023-11-10)


  • Class 47: raised position, better rain visibility
  • RABe 523 (Luzern-Sursee): moved a little closer to the controls
  • TGV Duplex: lowered position, default is much too high

Update v1.22 (2023-11-07)


  • ALP-46 and ACS-64, both were are little off by default
  • ScotRail Class 385: moved forward to realistic position (and improved view through the window - but remember there's a trackside CCTV monitor you can use)


  • GWE Class 166: raised driver's view (much higher in real life) and fixed secondmans's cameras.

Update v1.21 (2023-11-01)


  • GWE and MML HST (Class 43): adjustable camera height, move by using left / right arrow keys.

Reason is DTG's new raised camera position which is not wanted by everyone, so I thought I'd give you the choice to toggle between the two :)

Update v1.20 (2023-10-31)

  • small bugfix, when updating the files I made a typo in the KWG ICE1 camera (12 instead of 21), having you sit back too far. Sorry :)

Update v1.19 (2023-10-31)

  • due to DTG having rolled back their update, reintroduced the AssetRegistry workaround for the mod to load correctly

Update v1.18 (2023-10-31)


  • ALP-46: lowered position
  • GP9RM (Oakville): raised position
  • Class 52 Western: raised position
  • Class 314 (Cathcart): raised position
  • DB BR 187: lowered position
  • Glossop 323: same view as BCC 323 mod
  • WSR Class 33: small adjustments (moved back a little)
  • ALV F125: moved a bit forward


  • removed AssetRegistry.bin workaround, mod should work on TSW3 too now (though not tested)
  • all files updated based on today's official DLC patches

Update v1.17 (2023-10-23)


  • BR Class 40: although adjustable, the view didn't go high enough for my taste. Raised it a little.
  • GWE Class 166: raised for better view through the wiper in rain
  • DB BR 612: raised a little
  • DB BR 101: view was off-centered horizontally (too far left), adjusted.

Update v1.16 (2023-10-20)


  • West Cornwall Class 150: moved forward for better window view
  • Midland Mainline Class 158: moved forward for better view
  • BRO BR 425: raised viewpoint

removed the MML Class 43 HST cab camera as I wasn't happy with the raised view, reverted to default

Update v1.15 (2023-10-19)


  • DB ICE 3(M): lowered the viewpoint (Köln-Aachen, Kassel-Würzburg, München-Augsburg)


  • slight adjustments to the BR 193 Vectron

Update v1.14 (2023-10-16)


  • Dispolok BR 182 (slightly lowered camera)


  • BCC Class 323: small improvements, slightly raised position for better rain visibility, also adjusted the misplaced secondman cameras

Update v1.12 (2023-10-13)


  • DB Talent 2 (BR 442 / 1442): Nahverkehr Dresden, Kassel-Würzburg, Köln-Aachen and Rapid Transit
  • DB BR 425 (Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr): raised camera and moved back

Update v1.11 (2023-10-12)


  • Vorarlberg BR 185.2

Update v1.1 (2023-10-12)


  • Railpool Vectron: moved back a little
  • all TRAXX cabs (185, 146), correctly centered, moved back and slightly lowered the camera (if I forgot a loco, I'll add it later. There's so much of them :) )
  • all Doppelstock cabs: moved forward and down a little for better view
  • SEH Class 465: lowered cam and fixed secondman's cam also
  • Boston Sprinter CTC3 cabcar: raised camera and added a secondary camera which has the Signalling Display in your view (this replaces the fuse box camera, you'll need to get out of your seat like IRL ;) )
  • missing DB BR363s according to RSN camera fix
  • Bescot's MML Class 43 HST camera mod: raised viewpoint

Update v1.04 (2023-10-08)


  • Cajon Pass ES44C4: Lowered view for better view through the wipers

Update v1.03 (2023-10-07)


  • LU 1938 Stock: raised driver's view and added secondary wide FOV camera (in exchange for the Auxiliary Panel view), raised headout cameras and dimmed the permanent cab light

Update v1.02 (2023-10-07)

  • improved the HSC NS ES44AC headlights which were illuminating the cab nose. Boosted intensity for a good track view at night now.

Update v1.01 (2023-10-05)


  • Horseshoe Curve: GP38-2 (additionally fixed the nuclear cablight and the right cablight lamp not illuminating) and ES44AC (moved back a little)
  • Oakville Subdivision: GP38-2
  • Peterborough - Doncaster: Class 801 (slightly lowered viewpoint)
  • Sand Patch Grade: SD40 (New Journeys expansion)
  • Cajon Pass: SD70ACe (small corrections)
  • Ruhr Sieg Nord: BR 363 (much better visibility in rain now)

Initial release

  • Sand Patch Grade: GP38-2 (featuring JetWash's gauge lights fix)
  • Schnellfahrstrecke Kassel - Würzburg: BR 401 (ICE 1)
  • Birmingham Cross City: Class 323
  • Bremen - Oldenburg: BR 110
  • Linke Rheinstrecke Mainz - Koblenz: BR 103 and BR 110
  • Metrolink Antelope Valley: Rotem Cab Car


Installation Instructions

Drop the pak into your

\Steam\steamapps\common\Train Sim World 4\WindowsNoEditor\TS2Prototype\Content\DLC\


Tags: cab camera fix mod pack tsw-4 tsw4


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Avatar of Spikee1975
Spikee1975 4 Oct 2023

Should work even if you're not owning all the routes.

Avatar of Spikee1975
Spikee1975 4 Oct 2023

Best to remove the single AVL mod when using this one, in case you're experiencing issues.

Sorry for the hassle, which only DTG can resolve at the moment.

Avatar of JBViper
JBViper 5 Oct 2023

The BR 110 is finally playable in rain and snow :) Thank you for this mod.

Avatar of Spikee1975
Spikee1975 6 Oct 2023

Thanks :) The Brake key is hidden behind the E-brake handle, but that's a price I'm willing to pay, just move the brake handle a little to reach it :D

Avatar of JBViper
JBViper 6 Oct 2023

Yes, excellent compromise. You can also activate it while standing, so no gameplay concerns.

Avatar of Spikee1975
Spikee1975 6 Oct 2023

Exactly :)


Awesome mod, any plans to do the ES44c4 from Cajon? The camera sits high and the wipers are small, so when it rains you cant really see infront of you as the wipers dont clear that much.

Avatar of Spikee1975
Spikee1975 8 Oct 2023

I'm on it.

There you go. :)


your the best!

Avatar of oct197
oct197 8 Oct 2023

Have you made the es44 in horseshoe cab view higher? if not I think the view needs to be higher as it seems too low. thanks

Avatar of Spikee1975
Spikee1975 9 Oct 2023

No, if you raise it you'll have a bad visibility in rain or snow. I've actually moved it back a little, but the position is still a bit higher than in my modded Cajon Pass ES44C4. Normally the driver sits about in the middle of the side windows.
It's probably the high control stand and the towered displays in HSC's ES44 that leads to the impression you're too low.

Avatar of oct197
oct197 12 Oct 2023

That makes sense. Thanks for the info

Avatar of OleDre
OleDre 16 Oct 2023

Embrace the 13 :) And thank you for making these mods for us all to enjoy and have a better gaming experience.

Avatar of Spikee1975
Spikee1975 18 Oct 2023

Haha, was just making sure nothing goes wrong there.

Thanks for appreciating!

Avatar of OleDre
OleDre 20 Oct 2023

Y'all are very welcome, I Fear Not The 13, it's been in my life and my family's life for many years. As well as here again after checking the updates here, just this one mod showed me three updates, with a total of 16 and after clicking each one, I ended up with :)

More updates to go through.
I couldn't add an image to ya reply.

Avatar of Spikee1975
Spikee1975 20 Oct 2023

:) Next update is in the pipeline, adding the Class 150 and 158.

I think it will become a bit more quiet then, got all cameras that annoyed me adjusted now.

Avatar of OleDre
OleDre 20 Oct 2023

I Look forward to it, do you have the 187? some tried to give a few touch-ups, but it still looks like ya are sitting on the desk, that is if it can be changed. I tried searching for any that may have given it a once over. https://www.trainsimcommunity.com/search?query=br+187

Avatar of Spikee1975
Spikee1975 20 Oct 2023

Nope don't have that one as it is apparently not worth the money.

If it's on sale I might get it for the layers, and certainly include it here if I don't like the default cam.

Avatar of OleDre
OleDre 21 Oct 2023

Yeah, I saw and heard that sometime after getting it. all is good though, figured I would ask.

Avatar of Spikee1975
Spikee1975 28 days ago

It will be included in the upcoming patch, got it for €7 in a bundle.

Avatar of Hand92250
Hand92250 20 Oct 2023

Good job !

Avatar of Spikee1975
Spikee1975 20 Oct 2023


Avatar of MoRoN222
MoRoN222 20 Oct 2023

is the ICE 3 viewpoint based on the enhancement pack by Nagiphaaa or a bit different? and if I understood it right, if I rename this to be sorted above the enhancement pack, the ICE 3 from KWG will then use the viewport of your mod instead of the EP because it uses that first?

Avatar of Spikee1975
Spikee1975 20 Oct 2023

I don't know that EP, all my cameras are based on the latest TSW4 default files, and my own preferences. (Lots of editing, starting the game, closing again, editing, starting the game... :D )

You'll have to try renaming the files yourself, maybe put a "!" in front of the filename of my mod and see if it supersedes your other mod then.

Avatar of MoRoN222
MoRoN222 21 Oct 2023

yeah already did that and it worked fine but thanks still. :)

Avatar of Spikee1975
Spikee1975 28 days ago

Update for compatibility with today's TSW core and DLC update is in the works, please standby

Mod should then work with TSW3 too, though I cannot test that at the moment.

Avatar of Spikee1975
Spikee1975 28 days ago

DTG rolled back their update. Mod still requires a workaround that prevents it from being used on TSW3.

Avatar of Spikee1975
Spikee1975 28 days ago

This mod is now fully up to date with the latest DLC patches from DTG. If you are using an older version of the mod, the updated Vectron might not work correctly. Always use the latest version of my mod :)

Avatar of Minako
Minako 25 days ago

please share instructions on how to change the location of the cameras in the cockpit

Avatar of Spikee1975
Spikee1975 24 days ago

Join the TSC Discord - I won't do a tutorial here :)

Avatar of Luke Barry
Luke Barry 17 days ago

idk why u keep updating this every few days its starting to get to the point of having to get rid of this mod because of it i feel its not worth using

Avatar of Spikee1975
Spikee1975 16 days ago

"idk"? See the changelog. Adding new stuff, staying compatible with DTG's updates.

You don't have to use the mod if updates annoy you for whatever reason.

Btw, next update is coming to stay compatible with the latest DTG Vorarlberg update ;)

Avatar of Luke Barry
Luke Barry 14 days ago

yeah not for me sorry as a modder for ATS & ETS2 i dont do every 2 days updates

Avatar of Spikee1975
Spikee1975 14 days ago

It's your choice. All you need to do is overwrite the pak, but if that's too much feel free to delete it.
I'm also modding ETS2 (just for my own use though).
Ironically just because modders don't update their mods the Steam forums are full of bug reports that are due to outdated or badly maintained mods. :)

Avatar of Boomaglev
Boomaglev 14 days ago

The rotem camera rework was really needed, i was so tired of looking down to setup the cab. Many thanks!

Avatar of Spikee1975
Spikee1975 14 days ago

You're welcome.

By request, I've also adjusted the Amfleet Cab Car, will come in the next update. (And the new Blackpool 47)

Avatar of jmsimulation
jmsimulation 12 days ago

Great mod!
Can you also do it for the Ge4/4 Rhb?

Avatar of Spikee1975
Spikee1975 10 days ago

You can adjust the seat height as you like already on the Ge4/4. :)

Avatar of Smokey
Smokey 12 days ago

When I have T menu with instructions, zooming works too, can you disable that as in Vanilla game?

Btw, nice mod!

Avatar of Spikee1975
Spikee1975 10 days ago

No, not possible. That's core game code. And what you are describing has nothing to do with my mod.

Avatar of Padruig__
Padruig__ 8 days ago

Excellent pack, you'de made the ICE1 usable now! Well done for the improvments to all the locos. Is there a way for some trains to not have the adjustments, the 323 and 158 i liked the prevouis cab view. Thanks!

Avatar of Spikee1975
Spikee1975 7 days ago

Not really, unless removing the mod temporarily. (or just renaming it by changing the .pak suffix to something else like .bak or .inactive. Or use the Mod Manager available here.

Why do you want those extremely laid back cameras back, making the window view too narrow, instead looking at the whole cab?

The point of the mod is to have a view like you were actually the driver, and the default 323 and 158 don't give me the impression as I feel I can't reach the controls.

If someone doesn't like a particular cabview, that's nothing I can address other than telling you to disable the mod when playing a certain route - as the mod contains 90 cabviews I do not want to upload and maintain each one separately.

Avatar of Spikee1975
Spikee1975 7 days ago

Another update was necessary, as I just received a Steam update affecting Edinburgh Glasgow and the 385. Mod updated to v1.27 to reflect the changes.

Avatar of Nippur
Nippur 2 days ago

I found a problem with the 385, windows are almost white and can't see the exterior.

Avatar of Spikee1975
Spikee1975 2 days ago

Are you using other mods? The issue you are describing cannot be caused by my mod, as I'm not editing materials, only coordinates.

Avatar of Nippur
Nippur 14 hours ago

I tried removing all mods except this and godmode, also removed all ini settings but when this mod is active, the Class 385 has white windows. All the other cabs looks great.

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