DB BR 425 Mini Enhancement Pack (BRO)

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With Bremen - Oldenburg, DTG released their second version of the BR 425 which featured more modern visuals and an entire remake of the physics system. Despite being a major improvment over the BR 425 from Haupstrecke Rhein-Ruhr, the BR 425 version included in Bremen - Oldenburg still has numerous very significant issues that detract from the driving experience. In this mini enhancement pack, I have attempted to fix as many of those issues as possible to make the train a lot more enjoyable to drive.

Changes include significantly reducing the brightness of the tail lights to stop them from lighting up the whole area around the train, changing the camera height to more closely match the real life seating position a driver would have as well as some changes to the PIS of the train on both the interior and exterior screens and some very minor sound changes to remove the fictional brake squeel that would play when departing and stopping.

While not required for this mod, I strongly recommend the font mod made by Profile picture of TaskPlays TaskPlays, which works alongside this mod to provide the best possible PIS visuals.

A comprehensive list of changes can be found below:

  • Reduces the glow of the Tail Lights to stop them from lighting up the whole surroundings
  • Raises driver camera to a more realistic height
  • Removes the squeel sound from the brakes when stopping and departing
  • Various PIS changes:
    • Centered the destination on the exterior and interior displays
    • Added a "Nächste Station" text to the next station segment of the interior display

Installation Instructions

Download the .pak file of your choice and move it into TSW's DLC directory, this is usually located here: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Train Sim World X(3/4)\WindowsNoEditor\TS2Prototype\Content\DLC"

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Patch Notes

  1. February 2024:
    Aran-BRO-BR425-Mini-Enhancement-Pack-v1.0.pak - Initial Release
    Aran-BRO-BR425-Mini-Enhancement-Pack-v1.0-TSW4.pak - Initial Release


The TSW4 versions of this mod feature a blank AssetRegistry.bin file in order to force-load it in TSW4. This is a temporary fix and may cause some unexpected issues with the game, an update will be provided as soon as a better solution is found.

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Aran-BRO-BR425-Mini-Enhancement-Pack-v1.0-TSW4.pak 105 KB · Added 3 Feb 2024 · Downloaded 676×

TSW4 Version

Aran-BRO-BR425-Mini-Enhancement-Pack-v1.0.pak 105 KB · Added 3 Feb 2024 · Downloaded 135×

TSW3 Version


Avatar of VirtualComplication

Thx for fixing the tail lights, this makes the train much more driveable. Maybe you can also reduce the brightness of the front lights? They are too bright in my opinion. Thanks for the mod this is great.

Avatar of Aran
Aran 4 Feb 2024

Glad you like it :)
I'll have a look at the headlights to see if I can make some changes there too but no promises, from testing around with the tail lights I'm not sure if it's possible to adjust the headlights to that extent using the same method.

Avatar of Cobra_Railways
Cobra_Railways 4 Feb 2024

Thank you for the mod, I do like the next station scrolling message, however in free roam unfortunately the PIS keeps resetting to Nicht Einsteigen and when you try and set it back to what you had it, the paired units either go out of sync or what is said on the screen is completely different to what is on the actual screens. This does appear to be a DTG issue as it does it without the mod as well, unfortunate as the 425 is a very nice unit.

Avatar of Aran
Aran 4 Feb 2024

Yeah that's a DTG issue as you say. The manual setting of the PIS since TSW3 has either been non existent or very buggy, the BR642 and n-Wagen cab car have the same issue and so do some older trains, nothing I can do about it sadly :/

Avatar of Cobra_Railways
Cobra_Railways 5 Feb 2024

Yeah sort of figured there was nothing you could do, its really annoying when some trains (like the 423) work perfectly and others do not.

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3 Feb 2024
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