BNSF SD70ACe Audio Mod

Changes the engine audio on the BNSF SD70ACe for Train Sim World 3.


Installation Instructions

Drop the .pak(s) into your DLC folder (Train Sim World 3\WindowsNoEditor\TS2Prototype\Content\DLC).

Tags: audio bnsf emd-sd70ace sd70ace tsw-3


CJPBNSFSD70EngAudio-TSW4.pak 4 MB · Added 18 Dec 2023 · Downloaded 1,004×

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Avatar of MCS121
MCS121 21 Mar 2023

im probably not going to buy this SD70 in the near future but I am sure this will make it sound loads better!

Avatar of railer9
railer9 22 Mar 2023

This is nice. Could you make one for the Mp36?

Avatar of Arch
Arch 23 Mar 2023

I don't think he purchase the dlc, so can't make a mod for it

Avatar of railer9
railer9 4 Apr 2023

That is very unfortunate. Hopefully someone makes one for it, I'd do it myself but whenever I put it back into a .pak file it simply doesn't work in game.

Avatar of Morelocolayer
Morelocolayer 22 Mar 2023

Please sound mod for F40PH

Avatar of Arch
Arch 23 Mar 2023

he doesn't have the dlc i believe

Avatar of Suryaaji R. Damarjati

absolutely my saviour regarding american engines sound. thanks for your works.

Avatar of iliiketrains
iliiketrains 25 Mar 2023

Griggs, when will the bnsf sd40-2 horn & sound mods be released?

Avatar of cubscreeper
cubscreeper 19 Jun 2024

No air start :( just fades kinda sad

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