AC4400CW Southern Pacific Speed Lettering

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A Southern Pacific AC4400CW livery in the speed lettering paint scheme. The texture is as close as I could get, realistically, using all the reference material I could find; any feedback on this upload will be more than appreciated :)


Following the 1988 purchasing of Southern Pacific by The Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad (D&RGW RR). The new company came under the umbrella of Southern Pacific as they had better track rights and better agreements in regards to run-through power rights. The company subsequently merged the styles of the two and a model was presented to Phillip Anschutz (the owner of The D&RGW RR's holding company, Rio Grande Industries) and resulted in what is called the Southern Pacific speed lettering paint scheme - combining the styles of The Southern Pacific's "Blood Nose" livery with the previous speed lettering font of the D&RGW RR's Logo. This new livery was painted onto 279 new AC4400CWs which were delivered to the railroad in 1995 and given the numbers 100-378. As well, all: new, refitted, maintained, and repainted locomotives received this livery up until the Union Pacific merger in 1996.

Simmons-Duane, Southern Pacific AC4400CW #360, 1997, Roseville California.


A legal copy of Train Sim WorldĀ® 2

Installation Instructions

Install using the TSW2 Livery Manager by RagingLighting and follow the necessary steps to install and setup the program before continuing.

  1. Unzip the file and extract the liveries' file you wish to use
  2. Place the livery files into your TSW2LM Reskins folder
  3. Open the Livery Manager and click the first reskin and click a free spot on the right
  4. Click " IMPORT -> "
  5. Repeat for other reskin if applicable
  6. Load TSW2 and ensure the liveries load properly
  7. Have fun! :D

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Avatar of Igneous
Igneous 4 months ago

Stinks that they have no High Numberboard AC4400CWs the UP ones should have been made like that so this could look as realistic as possible.

Avatar of Jonasson Bacon
Jonasson Bacon 4 months ago

Very nice mod, i would recommend (maybe) to put that repaint on the Cane Creek UP AC4400 model, that one would fit better than the CSX :)

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