KWG ICE 1: Enhancement Pack

This huge collaborative effort in the works since TSW 3's Early Access period finally releases to the public! (for realsies this time)

WARNING: The GSM-R causes crashes with power cars painted with the TSW Livery Designer! Make sure to remove all Livery Designer ICE 1 liveries. This crash issue seems unlikely to be fixed, unless DTG adds support for "Child Actors" with Livery Designer.




Courtesy of Profile picture of Raphael Raphael

  • Complete audio rewrite of the...
    • traction motor blowers
    • traction motors
    • inverters
    • rolling and flange sounds
    • door sounds
    • HBU sounds
    • coach ambience
  • Completely new sound mix
  • Full replacement of DTG Sounds (Horn courtesy of Profile picture of Maggus Maggus)
  • New GTO sound variant (these inverters hum a scale)


Courtesy of Profile picture of Foobian Foobian

  • Visual overhaul of the MFD
  • Rework of the EBuLa (currently only visual, with the EBuLa Grundmenü <-> EBuLa Fahrplan page switching being buggy)
  • Functional MESA23 GSM-R

Visual Changes

  • Additional engine room details (different between the IGBT and GTO variants) courtesy of Profile picture of Foobian Foobian
  • New small decals in the cab
  • New LED light textures courtesy of Profile picture of Redstoneia Redstoneia
  • New cab instrument lights courtesy of courtesy of Profile picture of Raphael Raphael
  • Retouched coach interior textures courtesy of Profile picture of Raphael Raphael


Courtesy of Profile picture of Hannah Hermine Hannah Hermine

  • (GTO + IGBT) Randomised "Smiley" coupler hatch on red stripe BR 401s
  • (GTO + IGBT) "Deutschlands schnellster Klimaschützer" livery (with a partially red stripe at random) courtesy of Profile picture of Foobian Foobian
  • (GTO + IGBT) "Duplo - Die wahrscheinlich schnellste Parline auf deutscher Schiene" livery (older headlight variant on the GTO power cars courtesy of Profile picture of Raphael Raphael)
  • (GTO) ICE 1 "Regensburg" with "25 Jahre ICE | SBB CFF FFS" power cars
  • (GTO) "Expo 2000" livery


  • "Lebensdauervelängerung" (LDV) refurbishment program variant featuring a repainted cab desk, new cab funiture, an overhauled coach interior and new coach exterior decals
  • (IGBT) "30 Jahre ICE" livery courtesy of Profile picture of Hannah Hermine Hannah Hermine | Completed and waiting for LDV
  • Possibly further functionality for the EBuLa

Known and likely not to be resolved issues

  • GSM-R Livery Designer crash
  • Door animation is too short to be in sync with the sound samples
  • Cab windows occlusion bug



26th June 2023

  • IGBT & GTO audio rewrite
  • New inverter and gearbox/traction motor sounds
  • Refine exterior horn sound
  • Exterior horn sound no longer audible in cab
  • Fix slight inaccuracies with the GSM-R software
  • Add GSM-R system reset and DTMF functionality
  • Improve Epic Games compatibility (there still seem to be some issues though)

Tags: br-401 br401 enhancement-pack ice-1


!ICE1EnhancementPack.pak 76 MB · Added 26 Jun 2023 · Downloaded 3,518×

Previously uploaded files have been downloaded 2,622 times before being withdrawn.


Avatar of Maggus
Maggus 10 Apr 2023

schlechte Mod, 10/10

Avatar of Raphael
Raphael 10 Apr 2023

Kann ich nur zustimmen

Avatar of Redstoneia
Redstoneia 10 Apr 2023

Absolut Müll, rate vom Download dringend ab!!!!! :ugly:

Avatar of mijos3
mijos3 10 Apr 2023

Vorsicht Betrug!!!11!!

Avatar of Chill_LP
Chill_LP 10 Apr 2023


Avatar of tof70110
tof70110 2 Aug 2023

good mod, nice job !!!

Avatar of StenioBlackHawnk
StenioBlackHawnk 10 Apr 2023

leeeeeeeees goooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

Avatar of BR401_driver
BR401_driver 10 Apr 2023

Thank you very much for this amazing mod

Avatar of DenisJura
DenisJura 10 Apr 2023

fantastic, thanks to the whole team
fantastisch, danke an das ganze Team

Avatar of Quentin J.
Quentin J. 10 Apr 2023

One of the most amazing mods for TSW. Thanks to the team, this is next level!

Avatar of JBViper
JBViper 10 Apr 2023

Congratulations to all the modders for this incredible work. Thank you, I feel like a child discovering a new toy at Christmas :D

Avatar of FreezeLP
FreezeLP 10 Apr 2023

Würde mir sowas mal für die BR 425 wünschen. Viel zu vernachlässigt

Avatar of Bescot
Bescot 10 Apr 2023

IGTB and GSMR heaven. Brilliant mod guys and girls - Thank you to all for performing this miracle.

Avatar of BR401_driver
BR401_driver 10 Apr 2023

Yes it's amazing. The people that complain are really stupid and don't know how hard it was to make the mod.

Avatar of Laika
Laika 10 Apr 2023

Outstanding amount of work and oustanding quality too; everyone involved should be proud

Avatar of Folezz
Folezz 10 Apr 2023

Very proud of you all, Well done!

Avatar of Levitator
Levitator 10 Apr 2023

Der Oberhammer! Danke Euch!

Avatar of Jan27
Jan27 10 Apr 2023

Funktioniert die Mod auf Epic Games?

Avatar of Maggus
Maggus 10 Apr 2023

Die Mod funktioniert leider nicht auf der Epic Games version von TSW 3

Avatar of Jan27
Jan27 10 Apr 2023

Schade, trotzdem Danke

Avatar of oOSteveOo
oOSteveOo 10 Apr 2023


Avatar of Feir
Feir 10 Apr 2023

Die beste Mod überhaupt! Danke für dieses Meisterwerk!

Avatar of DerZugvogel
DerZugvogel 10 Apr 2023

Richtig gute Mod. Kann ich überhaupt nicht empfehlen

Avatar of Justus
Justus 10 Apr 2023

Und wegen was kannst du es nicht empfehlen????

Avatar of Keinplan.exe
Keinplan.exe 10 Apr 2023

Die Mod ist echt super, aber eine sache muss ich kritisieren wenn man den QR-Code auf den ICE Duplo scannt kommt man auf eine komische Furry Seite, wäre nett zu ändern(:

Avatar of Maggus
Maggus 10 Apr 2023

Das ganze ist als Gimig gedacht, da es es die Originale Seite nicht mehr gibt ;)

Avatar of TEK2
TEK2 10 Apr 2023

The GSM-R does not work at all for me :( screen is black and can't click on anything. Any idea what would cause this? I dont have any liveries installed.

Avatar of Maggus
Maggus 10 Apr 2023

Which version of TSW 3 do you use (Steam, Epic, etc.)?

Avatar of TEK2
TEK2 11 Apr 2023

Windows store version

Avatar of Maggus
Maggus 12 Apr 2023

The mod only works with the steam version of the game due to some differences in the basegame

Avatar of User
User 11 Apr 2023

The ICE 1 engine exterior sounds have no sound occlusion when passing in a different train and can be heard at full volume through the cab (tested only on ICE 3).

Avatar of Raphael
Raphael 11 Apr 2023

Yes, they don't have one, and it's like that by default. Sadly something that can't really be changed ^^

Avatar of User
User 11 Apr 2023


Avatar of W2SJW
W2SJW 11 Apr 2023

Excellent mod as always! TrippleJ814 released a mod back on the 4th that fixed the green stripe color. It seems he pulled that from release. I'm assuming it's not needed anymore after the work you guys did here?

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 12 Apr 2023

TrippleJ814's mod is for DTG's "DB BR 403 ICE 3 Railbow Add-On", which also featres a green stripe livery for the ICE 1. This DLC is currently unaffected by this mod, and if you want the more realistic shade of green for the stripe you still need TrippleJ814's mod.

Avatar of W2SJW
W2SJW 12 Apr 2023

Thanks - I meant to mention in my first post I was referencing not that one, but 'TripleJ814_LocoAddon2-ICE1-GreenStripeColourCorrection'. I assume the same scenario applies, so I'll put that mod back in.

Avatar of Alexander
Alexander 11 Apr 2023

thanks lads its brijant

Avatar of IchBins
IchBins 11 Apr 2023

Richtig geile Mod! Könntet ihr mal ne Mod für den Flirt machen für die Sounds, da Rivet games da meiner Meinung nach nicht so einen guten Job gemacht hat.

Avatar of Maggus
Maggus 11 Apr 2023

Wir sind leider derzeit an anderen Projekten beschäftigt.
Es wird sich dann im späteren Verlauf zeigen ob eine Mod für dieses Fahrzeug kommt oder nicht.

Avatar of TrainX
TrainX 11 Apr 2023

A version only with current paintwork would be great

Avatar of Maggus
Maggus 11 Apr 2023

Why only make a version with the current livery?
Everything is inclouded in the pack and you can choose your livery before you
load into the service...

Avatar of Raphael
Raphael 11 Apr 2023

Sorry, but that's not gonna happen ^^

Avatar of Thaimike
Thaimike 12 Apr 2023

Könnte mir bitte jemand erklären wie ich diese Mod installieren kann. Bin da absolut ein Laie. Danke erst mal im voraus

Avatar of Maggus
Maggus 12 Apr 2023

Einfach die .pak in den Ordner ...steamapps\common\Train Sim World 3\WindowsNoEditor\TS2Prototype\Content\DLC
verschieben. Viel mehr ist es nicht ^^

Avatar of Thaimike
Thaimike 13 Apr 2023

Vielen Dank. Juhu es Funktioniert

Avatar of solicitr
solicitr 13 Apr 2023

Is there a mini-manual for the GSMR?

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 13 Apr 2023

Not yet, currently busy irl again (possibly even busy using the real GSM-R 👀)

Avatar of ICE 1 Fan
ICE 1 Fan 14 Apr 2023

Eine sehr sehr tolle Mod. Bin gespannt was noch alles dazu kommen wird. als Anregung für euch hätte ich noch, dass ihr ja vielleicht Werbung in die Werbetafeln machen könntet falls es geht, Z.b. für die anderen Sound Mods von euch

Avatar of Maggus
Maggus 25 Sept 2023

Mal schauen was noch alles kommen wird in Zukunft.

Avatar of nkls
nkls 14 Apr 2023

Wahnsinns Mod. Vielen Dank dafür. Leider stürzt das Spiel mit der Mod jedes Mal an bestimmten Stellen auf sämtlichen Strecken ab :(

Avatar of Hannah Hermine
Hannah Hermine 14 Apr 2023

Hast du livery designer oder creators club repaints für den 401 installiert?

Avatar of nkls
nkls 14 Apr 2023

nein hab ich nicht.

Avatar of Hannah Hermine
Hannah Hermine 14 Apr 2023

Dann hab ich leider keine idee, vielleicht kann foob helfen

Avatar of Maggus
Maggus 10 May 2023

Dass können viele Probleme sein, vielleicht hast du noch andere Mods aktiv, welche das Game zum crashen bringen...
bist jetzt bist du der einzige mit diesem Problem, bei mir hats auch an kaputten Mods gelegen.
Ich hoffe ich konnte Helfen

Avatar of Sean Yu
Sean Yu 14 Apr 2023

Great Mod!But the door closing sound is not match up when the door is closing.

Avatar of Raphael
Raphael 14 Apr 2023

If you scroll up you an actually see that we're aware of it and that it's sadly not something we can fix, seeing as DTG messed the animation up x)

Avatar of Manuel Mora
Manuel Mora 16 Apr 2023

:O Dieser Mod war fantastisch, man kann nach der Installation keinen Unterschied zwischen einem Kabinenfahrtvideo und dem Sound von tsw 3 erkennen.

Avatar of AlHunger
AlHunger 17 Apr 2023

Wie sieht es mit Layering auf andere Strecken aus, funktioniert das immernoch normal?

Avatar of Maggus
Maggus 17 Apr 2023

Ja, funktioniert normal

Avatar of Jan27
Jan27 20 Apr 2023

Gibts Pläne die Mod auch für die Epic Games Version verfügbar zu machen?

Avatar of Maggus
Maggus 22 Apr 2023

Wir sind uns der Inkompatibilität bewusst, können aber keinen Fix garantieren

Avatar of Jan27
Jan27 23 Apr 2023

Danke der Antwort

Avatar of TrainhunterHD
TrainhunterHD 23 Apr 2023

Fantastic mod. When driving the IGBT and GTO the sounds make you feel they are two completely diffrent trains. I did spot an anoyng problem, after 180 km/h there is strange sound loop (similar to a traction engine noise followed by hissing sound) that keeps looping continously. This ocurs only inside the cab of both the IGBT and GTO variants. Could you please look into this ? It this would be fixed it would make the experience even better. Thank you :)

Avatar of Raphael
Raphael 25 Apr 2023

The sound you described is a rolling sound, they actually sound like that irl ^^

Avatar of TrainhunterHD
TrainhunterHD 31 May 2023

Not really. I watched numerous cab videos out of ICE1 and all of them have a constant running sound without looping noises. And it makes sense because there is no reason for something to start looping itself but only after 170-180 km/h Its like you cough 1 second when passing over a switch or flange lube system sound (if even audible in ICE) and that gets looped over and over.
Maybe its my fault since i don't know how to describe the sound properly :)

Avatar of 川797
川797 30 Apr 2023

Great job, it would be better if we could finish the KWG BR403 reset later

Avatar of BraydenTheBear
BraydenTheBear 1 May 2023

It doesn't work

Avatar of Maggus
Maggus 10 May 2023

May i ask ln what version of tsw you play on (Steam, Epic etc.)? And also, might it be possible that you have cc liverys still installed, if yes, remove them. Hope this could help

Avatar of OpenMinded
OpenMinded 9 May 2023

I want to thank all involved for this Mod! Until now I have not driven the BR401 much. This has changed with this Mod. I was not even aware that a good sound has such a massive impact on immersion! So, thanks again.
Two hopes, though: I hope the GTO will sub into other routes as well (currently I only see the IGBT on LRS, for example) and I also hope the GSM-R will make an appearance on more loco Mods, as its good fun:-)
Great stuff!

Avatar of Suryaaji R. Damarjati

I want to try this mod so bad but unfortunately my TSW3 is from Epic Store and it doesn't work on that version of TSW3.

Avatar of Maggus
Maggus 2 Jun 2023

We know the non compatability with the Epic Games Version but we cant garantie an update for it

Avatar of MBKXDGQ
MBKXDGQ 31 May 2023

Seems like this mod cannot be disabled? I tried move this mod to another folder, but IGBT and GTO ICE1s still appear in the game. I can't play loco bundle 2 scenarios.

Avatar of Maggus
Maggus 2 Jun 2023

Have you tried deleting the mod completly from the game?

Avatar of LeoCraft17
LeoCraft17 4 Jun 2023

bitte macht weiter es ist so eine geile mod ich würd mir wünschen wenn das dass EBuLa funktional wäre aber ansonsten find ich es perfekt

Avatar of Maggus
Maggus 4 Jun 2023

Wir sind uns diesem wunsch bekannt von mehreren können aber bis dato nicht garantieren ob und wie es möglich ist.

Avatar of H enjoyer
H enjoyer 1 Jul 2023

Are ICE 1s with Swiss pantographs planned?

Avatar of Raphael
Raphael 1 Jul 2023

We'd need to redesign the cab for that, so probably not 😅

Avatar of solicitr
solicitr 5 Jul 2023

OK, something else besides custom liveries is causing a hard crash to desktop. I'm assuming it's another SKW mod, but I can't figure out which one.

Avatar of Myron
Myron 8 Jul 2023

but you made sure to remove the custom liveries?

Avatar of solicitr
solicitr 10 Jul 2023

Oh yes, all gone (actually never had any)

Avatar of Maggus
Maggus 10 Jul 2023

Is your problem still there?
If so, may i ask on what version of TSW 3 you are playing ? (Steam, Epic, etc.)

Avatar of solicitr
solicitr 10 Jul 2023

Steam. FWIW, the 401 (both versions) runs fine on the Training Center- it's Kassel-Wurzburg that crashes.

Avatar of solicitr
solicitr 11 Jul 2023

All right, found the problem. It wasn't the 401 at all; it was a bad mod on the 425 (which appears in Kassel-Würzburg only as AI) - that was causing the route to crash (also München-Augsburg and Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr)

Avatar of Maggus
Maggus 16 Jul 2023

Good to hear that your problem was fixed!
Been currently busy with live again but i would have suggested for broken mods

Avatar of solicitr
solicitr 22 Jul 2023

Would one of your group be able to help me with a project? I would like to come up with a mod which allows my Silberling repaints to spawn randomly on LRS and NID (not too often, but sometimes as was the case in the 90s). However, I don't know how to crack the route coding to make this happen.

Avatar of Maggus
Maggus 4 Aug 2023

Currently most people of the team inclouding me are in holidays or busy with life. Maybe just ask in the TSC server for help ^^

Avatar of solicitr
solicitr 7 Aug 2023

TSC server?

Avatar of Myron
Myron 8 Aug 2023

the TSC Discord server, yes

Avatar of Myron
Myron 8 Jul 2023

the outside horn is not audible in cab, while the window on my right is open, so I think I should be able to hear it from the outside. I don't know if you can do something there cause you recently
"Exterior horn sound no longer audible in cab"
but I think it's possible to make it sound when the windows are open, no?

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 8 Jul 2023

You are correct, that was a change with the latest update. Unfortunately, DTG's setup uses the "Window open" occlusion setup for when opening the engine room door as well, so you would have also heard the exterior horn in that case

Avatar of Myron
Myron 10 Jul 2023

another thing, I have an idea for the issue with the door sounds, you could look into how DTG managed to do it and then do the same, with the new sounds, because maybe it's an issue with the length of the audio files?

Avatar of Maggus
Maggus 10 Jul 2023

As far as I am informed, we have tried already everything. By making the recording shorter, it wont be realistic anymore. The issue is that DTG in this case made the door animation to fast.

Avatar of Myron
Myron 10 Jul 2023

cant that issue with the door animation be changed, because you also somehow managed to split the ICE 1 in the game up into two different variants, one of them having a musical scale, shouldnt the other thing be possible too then?

speaking of possibilities, is it even possible to add new features to exisiting trains such as openable windows in the ICE 3??

Avatar of Hannah Hermine
Hannah Hermine 10 Jul 2023

the animation thing is a whole different thing than the splitting in two versions,If my knowledge is right you´d have to make the animation from scratch

no,that feature sadly isnt possible,we would have to change the model for that and we are not allowed to do that sadly

Avatar of Myron
Myron 13 Jul 2023

why would you not be allowed to change the model though thats weird

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 15 Jul 2023

Because then we would be redistribuiting an entire 3D model not owned by us

Avatar of Myron
Myron 15 Jul 2023

and what if you give like, full credit to DTG like I did when I cut a song from one of their trailers? shouldn't it work?

Avatar of Maggus
Maggus 16 Jul 2023

That isnt how Copyright works sadly

Avatar of NoZen
NoZen 11 Jul 2023

Is it possible to make the mod only with the sounds?

Avatar of Raphael
Raphael 13 Jul 2023

Not really, nope
And why anyway?

Avatar of Myron
Myron 13 Jul 2023

why do people only want the sound?? its literally better this way

Avatar of Myron
Myron 17 Jul 2023

I was hunting for secrets and found some liveries of the "30 Jahre ICE"-ICE while unpacking the mod files, but that's not really a secret anyways since it is listed in the "planned" section of the description here. Will that ICE be in the next update, when the LDV-Variants are done?

and I don't know if that was on purpose but I believe you misspelled "Katze" as "Gatze"

Avatar of Raphael
Raphael 17 Jul 2023
  1. Warum exportierst du einfach so unsere Mod?
  2. Wenn sie fertig sind.
  3. On purpose
Avatar of Maggus
Maggus 17 Jul 2023

I can't currently tell any release date on the next planned update(s) since they are still being made.
Also the spellingmistake is meant to be a joke and wont be corrected since its loctaed in the mod files anyways
and most people wont even see it.

Avatar of Myron
Myron 17 Jul 2023

Raph zu 1. weil ich einfach nur mal gucken wollte wie es aufgebaut ist ich werde selbstverständlich nichts klauen wozu denn auch ich weiß ja eh nicht was ich damit machen soll

Avatar of haverknol
haverknol 25 Jul 2023

Awesome mod! Do you think it's possible to do a red stripe ICE 3 livery that works alongside the green stripe one? Currently I use this mod to have a red stripe variant, but it overwrites the green one (and I would like the variety of having both liveries present in game) :)

Avatar of Myron
Myron 29 Jul 2023

well, there is a substitution mod that makes it possible to have red stripe and green stripe ICE 3s to run on the same routes (but the green stripe one is then from MAG when the red striped one is the modded KWG one) and/or having the red striped ones be the ICE 3M, the DB Class 406.

Avatar of perfektsusanno
perfektsusanno 28 Jul 2023

Super Mod, aber mir ist aufgefallen das es keine Fahrsounds in der Mitte des Triebkopfes gibt, man hört nur die Lüfter. Könnte sein das das Problem nur bei mir auftaucht.

Avatar of Maggus
Maggus 31 Jul 2023

Nein, dass liegt an der Attenuation vom ganzen Sound. Lässt sich leider nicht beheben.

Avatar of U.N.V.E.U
U.N.V.E.U 11 Aug 2023

Wann wird der ICE 1 LDV erscheinen?

Avatar of Hannah Hermine
Hannah Hermine 11 Aug 2023

then when it's finished, unfortunately we don't know exactly when, because we have other projects that are currently going on

And on this forum please speak english

Avatar of BRD193
BRD193 15 Sept 2023

This mod is fantastic, a must have thing. Great work everyone!

Avatar of _Lukascraft_
_Lukascraft_ 22 Sept 2023

kommt der mod auch für tsw4?

Avatar of Maggus
Maggus 24 Sept 2023

Sobald der Editor für TSW 4 erhältlich ist, versuchen wir so schnell wie möglich das EP zu Porten.

Avatar of Bicilindrico1978
Bicilindrico1978 28 Jan 2024

Can't wait for this pack to be compatible with TSW4!! Thank you for your energy and time spent!

Avatar of Myron
Myron 20 days ago

Hey, DTG hat wohl die Modinkompatiblität gefixt, nur müsste man nochmal etwas umbasteln damit die Mods funktionieren. Könntet ihr da was machen? Würde mich freuen wenn es endlich mal wieder soweit ist dass das ICE 1 EP für TSW4 erhältlich ist! :)

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