Class 465 Sound Mod

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The Class 465 is back in stereo! Get a load of these fresh recordings now for Train Sim World 3. These sounds were recorded at the crack of dawn from a Class 466 between Ashford and St Mary Cray, and a Class 466 & 465/9 at West Malling.

Check out the demonstration:


Southeastern Highspeed for Train Sim World 3

Installation Instructions

  1. Navigate to: steamapps\common\Train Sim World 3\WindowsNoEditor\TS2Prototype\Content\DLC
  2. Install the file

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Avatar of ognevny.demon
ognevny.demon 12 Jan 2023

huge thanks for all your sound mods!

Avatar of StenioBlackHawnk
StenioBlackHawnk 12 Jan 2023

Sounds even better now, thank you!

Avatar of W2SJW
W2SJW 12 Jan 2023

I did not think it was possible to out-do the great Armstrong Powerhouse, yet here we are! :D

Avatar of JF3110
JF3110 14 Jan 2023

Super mod sonore, merci à vous pour votre générosité

Avatar of PegasusLeosRailwayFanatix9

Do I need to remove any of the old mods? which one do i remove?

Avatar of ItsYa165
ItsYa165 14 Jan 2023

Only if you have the mod called !Amogus.pak

Avatar of Arch
Arch 14 Jan 2023

All his old sound mods still work just fine as he has only created those, so there are no need to remove any of them unless you don't want to use the mod

Avatar of ItsYa165
ItsYa165 14 Jan 2023

I'm not actually joking btw, there's an Amogus sound mod for the Class 465 somewhere...

Avatar of Boa
Boa 15 Jan 2023

Is there anyway for this to work on TSW2? Sounds really cool but my computer cant run TSW3, so im stuck with TSW2 for now.

Avatar of ItsYa165
ItsYa165 16 Jan 2023

At some point I will make one for TSW2

Avatar of Boa
Boa 17 Jan 2023

Okay, cool.

Avatar of Australia Worldwide Gaming YT

sad to say gave it a run and dont like it just when coming into stations no sound is a turn off for me

Avatar of ItsYa165
ItsYa165 30 Jan 2023

Yeah well that's just a lie really isn't it

Avatar of DenisJura
DenisJura 31 Jan 2023

Great, Thanks a lot for this new Mod for the 465 class !

Avatar of Morelocolayer
Morelocolayer 11 Feb 2023

Thanks for update

Avatar of Hand92250
Hand92250 12 Feb 2023

Good job !

Avatar of Emeraldzebra
Emeraldzebra 15 Feb 2023

ItsYa165... Why are you constantly so rude to people in the comment replies? Just because somebody doesn't like your work or agree with you your constantly rude in reply. Acusing people of not knowing the trains properly, or discrediting their points. Like please just gain some manners. You're now going to be rude to me too, but at least i'm brave enough to call you out.

Avatar of ItsYa165
ItsYa165 15 Feb 2023

I've take people's feedback seriously, but only for people who I can take seriously.

Avatar of Arch
Arch 26 Feb 2023

To be fair, itsya165 is not at fault. He has been nice to people if they are nice to him. Some people either have unrealistic expectations or demand stuff or are just straight up rude. Itsya165 has a whole personal life and can't do everything perfectly or include everything. He is making mods in his freetime

There was a comment in the class 43 mod that said the sound is really bad cuz it had popping noises and called itsya165 a failure. Think about it. Is that what you want to be called? The user could have said "I found popping noises in the 43, could you look into it and improve it?" You see the difference it makes to the modder?

Another comment for his fictional sound mods said the mods are pointless. If they don't like it, don't download it or say anything. There was little appreciation towards his work.

Avatar of Damian C06
Damian C06 26 Oct 2023

hello hope your well, are you considering doing the 385 for tsw4 because I absolutely loved that soundmod and i hate with a passion the OG 385 sound. also, how does one change tsw3 files so they work for tsw4? i have a personal mod that was WIP and not sure how to make it work for tsw4. cheers

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12 Jan 2023
22 Oct 2023
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Southeastern BR Class 465 EMU, Southeastern Highspeed
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