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Hello again,

The Class 710 in Train Sim World is absolutely amazing! It has great detail, and is quite a chill drive. That being said, there's a few thing worth improving on to push it an extra step. I've addressed some of they key sounds which I needed remixing in the cue assets:

Real Mitrac Audio

  • Clearly defined asynchronous and synchronous recordings
  • Separate interior and exterior sounds
  • Added missing harmonic modulation recordings for the carrier-synchronous pulse mode
  • Completely remixed random carrier frequency recordings to portray bandwidth widening
  • Random carrier sound no longer fictitiously fades out as the TCU signal switches from the random carrier to a current harmonic minisimation method in reality

Real Gearbox Recordings

  • Three recordings separately implemented alongside the TCU sounds
  • Mixed with a speed-loudness relationship so that the gearbox cannot be heard at 0mph anymore when nothing is turning

Improved Bogie Sounds

  • Recorded rolling sounds clips at 10mph intervals adds more variety to the train
  • Separate interior and exterior running audio
  • Detailed flange soundset borrowed from the Class 375/377/387 Sound Mod fits the Aventra well
  • 118 new track joint recordings for the interior and exterior with detailed volleys

New Horn Sounds

  • Separate interior and exterior tones
  • Extra reverb

Known Issues


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Avatar of Boa
Boa 27 days ago

lets gooo!!!!

Avatar of Bescot
Bescot 27 days ago

Stellar work. Bang on job!

Avatar of Rich 84
Rich 84 27 days ago

Wondered how long it would be, are you ready for the 170? LOL

Avatar of ItsYa165
ItsYa165 27 days ago

If the route goes on sale at a price worth its true value to me

Avatar of Damian_C06
Damian_C06 26 days ago

now we just need a mod that makes the 710 unlock its max speed to 100mph for 720 and 345 stuff.

Brilliant sound as always!! sounds literally perfect now :)

Avatar of Branz465!!
Branz465!! 23 days ago

Its very likely that they are geared up for 90mph only. the way the motor/gearbox sounds emit, is very similar to the class 345s at the exact same speeds as the class 345.

Avatar of goosewaffe
goosewaffe 25 days ago

Hiya mate, love the work you've done!
Is it possible to get a version without the modified horn?

Avatar of ItsYa165
ItsYa165 25 days ago

I'm not going to cater to that

Avatar of goosewaffe
goosewaffe 24 days ago

Fair enough haha

Avatar of BRD193
BRD193 23 days ago

That sounds are so great! Awesome sound mod, I love it!

Avatar of Branz465!!
Branz465!! 23 days ago

LOOL, I had a good feeling a mod was coming so i researched and whadduya know. "a MOD has appeared in the inventory"

Avatar of JF3110
JF3110 21 days ago

Merci beaucoup à vous pour votre travail, c'est bien meilleur avec votre mod !

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