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Perhaps the GOAT Sprinter, the Class 158s and 159s are a regular appearance for those travelling around Wessex, the Midlands, Northern England, Wales, and Scotland. This sound mod is Work In Progress, but ready to be put out there as my time for sound this Spring has ran out.

There are three packages which you can choose from for your personal preference. All three options will provide you with new interior and exterior sounds regardless of the engine:

All packages:

  • Detailed running recordings for the exterior and cab boost the mechanical feel of the train
  • New interior track joint recordings clear the Class 158 of default Train Sim World sounds
  • Horn recordings, with the same setup as the Class 395 Sound Mod, smoothly differentiates the inside and outside
  • AWS, DSD/DVD, and PRM standard door alarms capture the likes of the Sprinter
  • Added the whirring of fans to the interior when the engine is powered on


  • Nothing is added nor taken away from the Armstrong Powerhouse engine sounds you already have in Train Sim World
  • New recordings will be saught in Summer to make the audio more complicated


  • An entirely custom sound set which makes the engine audio as complex as with the Class 166 for Train Sim World
  • Unique engine, exhaust, and hydroviscous drive sound effects apply inside and outside the train with dedicated recordings
  • Unable to change physics


  • The random chance that a car will use sounds of either the Perkins or Cummins power is 50/50 as a technical limitation
  • Adds variety to the driving experience, but also trainsets with mixed sound sets
  • Both the Perkins and Cummins sounds are volume balanced and attenuated effectively in the event of mixing


Midland Mainline: Leicester to Derby and Nottingham

Installation Instructions

Place only one of the files in the DLC folder:
\steamapps\common\Train Sim World 3\WindowsNoEditor\TS2Prototype\Content\DLC

Additional Comments

This mod was created to make the Midland Mainline a more enjoyable DLC.

Tags: cummins east-midlands-railways east-midlands-trains emr emr-regional emt perkins sound sound-mod sound-patch


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Avatar of Boa
Boa 21 Apr 2023

Thank you!!

Avatar of 6le199j
6le199j 21 Apr 2023

As always, awesome mod!
My mod's folder is litrally packed with your paks :)

Avatar of ItsYa165
ItsYa165 21 Apr 2023

Thanks, and same. At the end of the day, I am my own customer for this. TSC is a place where I can share this kinda thing O_o

Avatar of m;
m; 22 Apr 2023

Not sure if I'm doing anything wrong, but I have the Perkins PAK installed, but I still keep getting the default sounds. Any ideas why?

Avatar of ItsYa165
ItsYa165 22 Apr 2023

You probably installed it incorrectly. If you're on Steam, the instructions are given.

Avatar of m;
m; 22 Apr 2023

I've installed into my directory - common\Train Sim World 3\WindowsNoEditor\TS2Prototype\Content\DLC, but shows no signs of working. Pretty sure I've done everything right.

Avatar of ItsYa165
ItsYa165 22 Apr 2023

Try putting an exclamation mark at the start of the file name. I know this mod works, and works for 30 other people who haven't said anything. You might have a conflicting mod... but 4 days after release?

Avatar of m;
m; 22 Apr 2023

Nope. Still nothing. Not a clue as it's the only mod installed, and it's a fresh install, from yesterday.

Avatar of Emeraldzebra
Emeraldzebra 29 days ago

m; Try putting it in Paks not DLC ive had issues like that and thats usually the way i solved it :)

Avatar of S&G | NICK
S&G | NICK 22 Apr 2023

it says nothing is taken away on the cummins sound but theres no turbo whistle when u put throttle to off like irl

Avatar of Raphael
Raphael 22 Apr 2023

It's not his faut lol

Avatar of Arch
Arch 24 Apr 2023

That sound was not implemented by dtg i believe.

Avatar of Morelocolayer
Morelocolayer 22 Apr 2023

Thanks you

Avatar of AnthonyVirginTrains

Fantastic sound mod, will you be doing a sound mod for the EMT Class 43 VP185?

Avatar of d_sndd
d_sndd 29 Apr 2023

Cummings, and mixed engines don't have any engine sound?
Only perkins does.

Avatar of ItsYa165
ItsYa165 29 Apr 2023

All three have engine sounds. But for whatever reason, the idling sound for the Cummins one is quieter than the Perkins one. The next versions will come at some point in the near future.

Avatar of d_sndd
d_sndd 29 Apr 2023

No, there is literally no engine sound, you can hear nothing inside or outside. Even when you increase the throttle, it's silent.

Avatar of ItsYa165
ItsYa165 29 Apr 2023

I just tested it so I know this isn't true

Avatar of d_sndd
d_sndd 29 Apr 2023

I'll even send you a video if you want??

Avatar of ItsYa165
ItsYa165 29 Apr 2023

No I don't want you to send me a video. It works for 170 other people.

Avatar of d_sndd
d_sndd 29 Apr 2023

I don't see why you're being rude..? Literally just asking for a little help for a mod you uploaded...

Avatar of ItsYa165
ItsYa165 29 Apr 2023

We're done here. I gave you my response. I literally said a new version is coming SOON. If that's not good enough for you, what am I supposed to do? Fix your computer? I can only replace the mod with something else which works... which is coming SOON. I've said this already. The fix is coming... soon.

Avatar of d_sndd
d_sndd 29 Apr 2023

My apologies, I skipped over it, however you never stated 'fix', then you started to be rude, and now you're continuing.. I've been very reasonable.
Dear me..

Avatar of d_sndd
d_sndd 26 days ago

Oh you fixed it, wasn't so hard was it??

Avatar of ghawk2005
ghawk2005 25 days ago

it’s when working in multiple. The rear units do not emulate the sounds that the front is making. No engine noise for sure.

But I’ve un-installed it anyway as there are many inaccuracies here once again.

  1. Track joints are very ‘in your face’ and are not recorded directly off a 158. They’re the same as used for the 166 and even then weren’t the best quality of sample.

(Original track joints are nice, accurate, correctly subtle and balanced well)

1a) - DSD and AWS sounds might be a recording of the modern versions but actual quality is clearly a bad sample rather than a decent microphone being used to capture true sound of these.

  1. Running sounds aren’t as good as original as once again. The original was recorded using high tech recording equipment off an actual 158 unit and are truly wonderful representations of the real life stock.

  2. Real life cabs are not noisy, they’re much quieter than this.

  3. As mentioned, when working in multiple the rear units engine sounds are missing.

Therefore I deleted the mod and like most of these sound mods, The audio for this unit has been balanced really well in house, with the sounds provided by AP. The professional audio team have done an amazing job and doesn’t need to be messed around with by amateurs.

A good try, but definitely not an improvement or one for replacing the default sounds on this occasion.

Avatar of ItsYa165
ItsYa165 25 days ago

It is still WIP but it's produced to match real cab videos of the Class 158 which you can find easily online. Sure the exterior running sounds aren't recorded from a Class 158, but as stated in the changelog, I need to go and find one first which costs nearly £100. Thank you for your feedback, but as far as what I do with this mod, you don't get to say what I can and can't do. I can try and fix the bug for multiple working at the very least, but your comments must stay on-topic.

Right now I am working on the 1972 Tube Stock and so the improvements you've asked for will come a bit later if that's alright? A great deal of real audio building goes into these mods now as you can tell with the 395. Give it some time. If it says "Work In Progress"... it really is. Audio is time consuming and expensive. I'm a full-time engineer and this stuff is free for you, so construction goes a long way for improvement.

I can improve the samples for AWS, but DSD/DVD is on the mark. Track joints? Well they can be replaced, but the DTG ones have to go in my view. No content is being cut, if you understand. Over time, this mod will develop - requiring patience and onboarding. In the hands of the editor (me), I can do almost anything I want including what you want too.

Avatar of ItsYa165
ItsYa165 25 days ago

Boom, AWS sample and engine concurrency fixed. You should be able to hear up to sixteen Class 158 engines at the same time.

Avatar of kroshdima
kroshdima 25 days ago
Hi, can you do this mod for class 323?
Avatar of ItsYa165
ItsYa165 25 days ago

I'd certainly like to. I'm updating the 1972 Stock at the moment

Avatar of kroshdima
kroshdima 14 days ago

Сan you do this mod for class 323?

Avatar of kroshdima
kroshdima 11 days ago

Can you do mod for Ice 3 (403 and 406) Sounds of eurostar 374 ?

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