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A collection of Sound Mods I've made for the fun of it. Some of them may contain liveries.

BR 423 IGBT Sound mod for Munich-Augsburg:
-Made using Electrostar, Javelin, Tube, Class 455, Class 166 and Desiro City recordings
-Replaces the horn with a more accurate synthetic horn made by me
-Replaces the GTO sounds with approximated IGBT sounds made by me
-Replaces track joints, flange sounds and a few running sounds with alternative recordings

Traxx Sound mod for Dresden-Riesa:
-Made using Tube sounds

Thameslink Desiro City mod for Class 387/2 on London-Brighton:
-Made using Class 700 and Class 717 recordings
-Features a Class 700-like livery for interior and exterior

Class 43 Valenta Sound mod on Paddington-Reading:
-Made to imitate the Valenta engine

Installation Instructions

Put this mod into the DLC folder

Additional Comments

All good fun! This mod page accomodates my weird and whacky practice of audio synthesis - spilled out into TSW3 mods.

Tags: br-146 br-1855 br146 br1462 br185 dresden-riesa sound-mod


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Avatar of faber2311
faber2311 6 Jan 2022

I think this is already a bit pointless

Avatar of ItsYa165
ItsYa165 6 Jan 2022

That's just rude

Avatar of faber2311
faber2311 6 Jan 2022

I'm sorry, why would I trade a somewhat decent TRAXX sound for a tinkered-together subway sound?

Avatar of ItsYa165
ItsYa165 7 Jan 2022

Because synthetic audio doesn't have to be bad and all my guy. Just edit it good you know. Peas and that

Avatar of ROB S
ROB S 9 Jan 2022

The horn may not be perfect but is far more horn like than the default version. I like how the mod has captured that whine as the Loco powers up through the tones. Great job!

Avatar of Arch
Arch 7 Jan 2022

This mod is great. It may be unrealistic, but the editing is really good. I enjoy the sounds of the london tube trains and this mod is nicely done. I don't have any comments on improvements to make since Im no train enthusiast or expert, but like I said, awesome mod.

Avatar of TheDispatcher
TheDispatcher 8 Jan 2022

I feel the same, its not that realistic but the sounds still are nice. good mod :P

Avatar of Sr1
Sr1 9 Jan 2022

Why are you using LU sounds instead of real 146.2 sounds? YT is full of videos that contain real 146.2 sounds with good quality.

Avatar of Pro Gamer20
Pro Gamer20 9 Jan 2022


Avatar of ItsYa165
ItsYa165 9 Jan 2022

Because I want to

Avatar of Pro Gamer20
Pro Gamer20 9 Jan 2022

I don't like this mod, literally 1972 Bakerloo Sounds bruh.
imo the default ones are just good.

Avatar of ItsYa165
ItsYa165 9 Jan 2022


Avatar of ItsYa165
ItsYa165 9 Jan 2022

Feel free to wind me up

Avatar of Arch
Arch 14 Jan 2022

I think a suggestion for improvement is that the transition sound after the last note of the initial melody could be a bit louder/more clear. Rn, it sounds like a quiet whisper. I feel like it should be more like a medium whisper. I know nothing about trains, but based on youtube videos, it was a bit louder imo. It sounds sorta "mushy" at the moment. Another suggestion would be to make the initial melody a bit more clear. There was some sort of static sound or popping sound, idk how to describe it. Sometimes I get it, sometimes I don't.

Avatar of ItsYa165
ItsYa165 17 Jan 2022

yeah that sounds like a good idea. i'll brush over it with new samples when i get the free time soon

Avatar of Tom_fresco
Tom_fresco 7 Feb 2022

Thanks, I love the Class 387/700 Mod, far better than the original electrostar sounds and lets me want a 700 in the game! ;)

Avatar of Arch
Arch 7 Feb 2022

I've definitely been having fun with your mods. I've downloaded all your sound mods so far.

Avatar of Sebsys
Sebsys 30 Nov 2022

I love you :)

Avatar of ItsYa165
ItsYa165 30 Nov 2022

Thanks :D

I was fascinated by how some of the BR 423s are thyristor and others transistor so I just manifested the sounds since the Linus set won't come soon.

Avatar of Arch
Arch 1 Dec 2022

you are very talented

Avatar of Khonsu
Khonsu 5 Dec 2022

it sounds amazing, really immersive engine sound accel and de-accel, my only complain in is the horn, is a bit hmmm how to say it.. Dry like it need a bit of reverberation or "Deepness"

thanks for the audio mod!

Avatar of rogago
rogago 2 Jan 2023

I like BR 423 IGBT Sound mod
Could you please port this sound to the Cologne BR 423. I would be very grateful, because the sounds are really cool.

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