Class 313 Sound Mod

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Modified sounds for the Class 313

  • New door sounds recorded by ItsYa165
  • Prototypical Southern Class 313 PRM door open warning and door closing hustle sounds recorded by ItsYa165
  • Balanced volumes of motor sounds
  • Camshaft pop and click sounds increased in volume so they're audible
  • Brake release sounds
  • Optional replacement horn sounds recorded and edited by ItsYa165

Installation Instructions

Place the .Pak file into the DLC folder located where the installation of TSW2 is.

Additional Comments

Update 31 Oct 2021: Removed door open chimes from cab doors & remastered chime sound

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Avatar of scip
scip one month ago

isnt this the same train from gcc route ?

Avatar of Bescot
Bescot one month ago

No that's the 25kV class 314

Avatar of Ded Mozaj
Ded Mozaj one month ago

Спасибо дружище! Порадовали звуки!
Но надо, чтоб звуки в кабине, отличались, от звуков внешних!
Звук в кабине, должен включать в себя звук нажатия кнопки и (клапана), чтоб это было хорошо слышно!

Avatar of TheGodfather
TheGodfather 26 days ago

great sounds of the horn but could u please cut 2 beeps out at the end as it still sounds when doors are already open still and don't sound right when u looking at the doors from outside views just saying know overall great sound mod just that little issue

Avatar of WillH9605
WillH9605 17 days ago

maybe if the horn is made to be slightly muffled in the cab when the window is shut, it would be perfect

Avatar of Paul
Paul 6 days ago

Is there any chance of releasing better sounds for rail joints?
The ones from Class 377 seem very realistic while the ones from Class 313 are more like pot smashing, especially inside the cabin.

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Train Sim World 2
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Rush Hour Steam (UE4 4.26)