TSW 3 | South Eastern High Speed | Updated & Enhanced

Hey guys!

A massive enhancement pack avaliable to download for the newly released South Eastern High Speed route, for Train Sim World 3. This mod provides a substantial visual overhaul to the route, with the specifics listed below.

Improvements and additions:

  • Updated and realistic billboard advertising
  • Updated station signage and branding, to match their real life counterparts
  • Brand new station announcements
  • New visuals to the Passenger Information Screens and its supports
  • Branded station clutter and furniture
  • New high resolution concrete texture for Stratford International
  • New fence/concrete combo for Ebbsfleet International Station
  • New and updated lighting at Rochester station
  • New platform texture at London St. Pancras station

Infrastructure & Environment

  • Brand new and realistic looking ballast texture
  • LED signals given a big overhaul, with them appearing much brighter looking as well as it appearing less 2D and flat looking
  • Brand new ambient lighting, with a mix of orange sodium and high pressure sodium lighting covering various areas


  • Realistic weathering effects applied to JNA, FKA & HKA freight wagons
  • Brand new EWS logo for the TEA wagon
  • Brand new headlight and marker light visuals for the Class 375
  • TMS screen on the Class 375 given a slightly updated look
  • Realistic & weathered EWS livery applied to the Class 66
  • Weathering applied to the glass of the Class 66
  • Dial illumination on the Class 66 tweaked to make it less bright and vivid looking
  • Brand new and a much more realistic headlight effect for the Class 66. Reducing its intensity as well as giving it a warm white light
  • Slightly tweaked & improved external SouthEastern colours for the Class 395
  • New backlit light effect for the gauges on the 395, for easier viewing

*That's everything I can think of, however there may be a few more suprises in-game, of which I haven't listed *

Known issues

  • Sometimes the station announcements will cut out half-way through of announcing. I assume this is due to an audio channel limit, which is giving other sounds priority over it.

**Please remove any older versions of the SEHS mod, or anything related to SEHS, as this may conflict with this mod

Thanks to the following users for their contributions to allow for this amazing pack to exist :)

This mod has recently been updated, which has fixed other routes from crashing. If you still have !TSW3-SEHSEnhancementPack.pak installed, please delete it and replace it with the one posted below. Thanks

Installation Instructions

To install, simply download from the link and place the .pak inside your DLC folder, located at: ...steamapps\common\Train Sim World 3\WindowsNoEditor\TS2Prototype\Content\DLC

**Please remove any older versions of the SEHS mod, or anything related to SEHS, as this may conflict with this mod

Additional Comments

All feedback, advice and constructive critisism is welcome.

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Avatar of JustRight
JustRight 18 days ago

Hi there mate.

I've noticed an odd looking concrete texture along the sides of the Ebbsfleet Domestic station.
What is this supposed to be?


Avatar of londonmidland
londonmidland 17 days ago

Hi there. I’ll try and get this sorted when I get a chance. Thanks,

Avatar of DenisJura
DenisJura 17 days ago

Hello and thank you for all your mods.
TSW3-SEHSEnhancementPack : back to desktop when I run this mod with East coastway route (unreal engine crash) I removed all my other mods

Avatar of SprattyHeath
SprattyHeath 17 days ago

This is very odd, the mesh hasn't changed how it's supposed to?

I'll have to look into this

Avatar of DenisJura
DenisJura 17 days ago

Thanks a lot !

Avatar of SprattyHeath
SprattyHeath 17 days ago

Hi there, it has now been fixed, hopefully there should be no mesh or crashing errors.

Avatar of JustRight
JustRight 17 days ago

Thanks for that guys. All looks good now.

Oh and great work on this excellent mod!

Avatar of W2SJW
W2SJW 18 days ago

Like a 5-year-old on Christmas morning! I've been waiting for this! Thanks to all 3 of you for merging your talents into such an amazing mod!

Avatar of londonmidland
londonmidland 17 days ago

Glad you’re enjoying it :)

Avatar of Hand92250
Hand92250 17 days ago

Very good job !!!

Avatar of DenisJura
DenisJura 16 days ago

The mode is great! East coastway is now running smoothly. Thanks to you for your speedy correction of this problem! Sincerely

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